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Types Of Towbar

Fixed flange towbar

This is the type of tow bar that has been the UK's standard fitting for many years. It's design uses a bolt-on towball and can be used with accessories such as bumper guards and tow-steps. The bolt on nature of this towbar means a range of couplings such as standard 50mm towballs, Alko towballs or pin, ball and jaws can be attached to the face plate. On some commercial vehicles that offer a 4 hole or 6 hole face plate the towball height can be adjusted. Cycle carriers can be fixed behind the coupling of this style towbar allowing for a towing facility and cycles to be carried at the same time.

Fixed swan neck towbar

This design of fixed towbar is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The fixed swan neck towbar is compatible for use with an Alko stabiliser without the requirement of a replacement towball. This design of towbar is less likely to affect reversing sensors due to its slim-line design. Tow-Trust's fixed swan neck towbar also allows for 20mm of adjustment on the towball height and 20mm of adjustment away from the bumper providing an adjustable towball position to suit your needs. Unfortunately the fixed swan neck towbar is not compatible with common accessories such as bumper protectors or tow-steps and cannot be used for a cycle carrier whilst towing at the same time.

Vertical detachable swan neck towbar

The majority of Tow-Trust's detachable swan neck towbars are 'vertical' (VK) systems making them fully hidden behind the bumper once the detachable neck is removed. All our VK towbars incorporate a fold away electrical plate enabling the towbar electrics to fold behind the bumper when not in use. Key features of the vertical detachable system are;

  • Suitable for vehicles with reversing sensors
  • In most instances this system is completely invisible once the neck is removed and therefore preserves the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle
  • Alko compatible
  • Allows free access to the rear of the vehicle
  • Lockable with a set of two keys provided
  • Storage bag provided for safe keeping once neck is removed

Horizontal detachable swan neck towbar

When a vertically loading detachable neck is not available Tow-Trust try to offer a 'horizontal' (HK) system. This allows all the benefits of the vertical detachable system above apart from the housing and socket plate being visible when the neck is removed.